Welcome to Project Los Angeles

Project-LA is a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Community, operated and owned by Ocean View Gaming LLC.

Come join over 150+ players in a simulation of Los Angeles.

Play as a shop owner, gang banger, policeman, firefighter, news reporter or more.

Who do you want to be?

Server News

  • LAFD Needs You!

    The LAFD is hiring paramedics and firefighters to join the department.

    Watch the video to get an idea of what they do and if you are interested apply on the forums!

  • New Dept of Corrections Prison

    Our mappers have been hard at working adding in a new Alec Durbin Memorial Los Angeles Department of Corrections Prison facility. With an increasing demand of a secure prison in LA we have decided to up the security of LA's very own prison. Come on down to the 425 West by LAX and check it out

  • Typical P:LA Police Pursuit

    Just another day on the streets of Project-LA!