Monthly Archives: April 2013

Activity High!

Hi all, Mike Gere here with what is the first of a new “Weekly Update” post!

We are currently seeing excellent server numbers on a continual basis, which is great for the community as a whole! The Government, Civil and Family factions are thriving, yet with constant room for hiring, poaching, enlisting or “gang jumping” in, there are plenty of positions for new players wanting to fit into a new (virtual) life!

There have been a number of recent updates to the Server/Script which have added some great new roleplay potentials, including some great RP commands with the LAFD! Speaking of which, recruitment is active for the LAPD and if interested jump onto the forums and fill out an IC Job Application!

We are also holding multiple VIP only events every week, with BIG cash prizes! These vary and include but are not limited to; Motorcross and Superbike racing, Nascar races, Demolition Derbys, Air Shows, Deathmatch Team V Team and all in all paintball, Skydiving, BMX and Go Karting competitions, the list is endless!.. To become a PLA VIP visit our marketplace at; !

I would like to personally thankyou all for your continued support to PLA, and look out for some more of these weekly updates!

Mike Gere
Director of Gaming Operations