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  • 15 Mar

    St Patrick Days Sale!

    Irish eyes are smiling and in honor of St Patrick's day we're offering 17% off most items in the store. The sale runs from March 13th-21st 2015 and is applicable to most items in the store. Plus on March 17th you can DM Patrick McGinty as many times as you want to celebrate! Good luck and the one who kills Patrick the most will be awarded a "prize". Join in the fun this March 17th!

    Patrick McGinty, Director of Security
  • 19 Feb

    LAFD Needs You!

    Patrick McGinty, Director of Network Security
  • 11 Feb

    A quick update

    Hello all,

    This is just a note to give you updates on a couple of things.

    Connection problems. It was a rough weekend, our networking staff were working all weekend with our host to straighten some things out. Our anti-DDoS technology got too restrictive and was kicking people who were fine, but it thought was an attack. We've since resolved that and the connection bug where you dropped randomly should be gone. Will you never get dropped again? Can't promise that but the back to back drops should be fixed. So if you took a break from the SAMP server, you're welcome to come back!

    Thank you for playing on P:LA, we welcome your feedback at any time via


    Patrick McGinty, Director of Network Security
  • 11 Feb

    New Department of Corrections

    Our mappers have been hard at working adding in a new Los Angeles Department of Corrections Prison facility. With an increasing demand of a secure prison in LA we have decided to up the security of LA's very own prison and move it's location. With its new location (off the coast of the airport) and security features including guard towers and a security bridge the threat of prison breakouts is now significantly lower. In addition it features a water drop off point, air drop off points and the good old "by vehicle" drop off point. Come on down to the 425 West by LAX and check it out!

    Patrick McGinty, Director of Network Security
  • 05 Feb

    Police pursuit ends badly in LA

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