Project: Los Angeles


  • 17 Sep

    New website!

    Hey all, welcome to our new website! Over the past few weeks we have been working behind the scenes to produce a brand new Project: Los Angeles website. The website and a few of its new features, such as the player stats system where you can view in game stats of any player, reflects the direction in which Project: Los Angeles and OV Gaming is beginning to go. We are moving away from an atypical game server which only offers the game server itself to a fully featured gaming community that offers a wide range of services. Although this is just the start of a few changes we are making on the server, we think that it is an important one. Finally, I think it is a good opportunity to thank you, the player, for playing at Project: Los Angeles. You make the server what it is and without you Project: Los Angeles would be nothing more than a few hundred thousand lines of code. Thanks.

    Patrick McGinty, Web Developer

Server Status

Server Status
SAMP Online
Teamspeak 3 Online
Website Online

Server Information

Info Stat
Hostname PLA: Project Los Angeles [0.3z R4]
Gamemode Roleplay P:LA v2.8.5c
Players 111 / 300
Map Project-LA
Weather Sunny
Time 18:00
Version 0.3z-R4

Server Statistics

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  <Lines of code>142992</Lines of code>
  <Registered players>17276</Registered players>
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