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Project Los Angeles testimonial

One of our players, Leroy_Brown, has posted a video testimonial on our server, check it out!

Staff Positions

Hey all,

We are currently looking for some members to join the moderation team.

This is a volunteer position answering questions over /newb and /hl , primarily questions from brand new players.

You must have a good command of the english language and be able to multi-task.

This position does not guarantee any advancement to the admin ranks but it is the primary pathway to becoming an admin here.

If interested go to the forums and apply:

Hi guys, we’ve upgraded for the final time (in the immediate future) to SA-MP version 0.3Z R1.

This is different than the RC4 and RC5 sa-mp clients you had before. You will need to go to to download the client.

We understand this is a hassle to do, but 0.3Z offers features including:
- A lag compensation mode improves shooting accuracy.
- Geater control over weapons and vehicles.
- Many minor security updates for both the client and server.

You can download the client files here:
Mirror #1:
Mirror #2:

Thank you for your patience during this update.

-Ocean View Gaming

West side pursuit video

An example of a pursuit through the western side of the map. Thanks to the PR time for putting this video together.

New Real Estate Map

The OVG Dev Team has been hard at work adding a new feature. You can now see what houses are available for sale outside of the game! Go to “Game Info” then click “Real Estate Map” for details. It updates every 15 minutes. Thanks to Alex Bloom for the hard work!

’13 Comes to an End

Firstly like to wish everyone, on behalf of the Development and Operations Management team a very happy and safe new year, this year’s seen some of the greatest moments to date within the OVG Community, as mentioned by the Directors in their recent holiday message, but don’t forget, we would not have made it this far without every member of this communities support and dedication!

Everyone thought the world was for some reason going to end this year, but luckily that didn’t come true and we can live and play on for many more years to come. Lets hope that 2014 brings just as much fun as this year has, and possibly even more good times than we’ve already had.

Safe holidays everyone, try not to get too drunk.

Kind Regards,
On behalf of the Operations Management,
Ocean View Gaming.

Development Positions OPEN

The Development Team is hiring new Junior Scripters!

Minimum experience in PAWN is required, and your main role will be to look after the Suggestions board on the forums, along with doing some small code projects that will be implemented into P:LA!

To see more information and apply, please click here.

Steve Smith,
Development Manager.

Black Friday Sale, 30% off!

PLA is having it’s annual after Thanksgiving or in the states “Black Friday” sale! Get 30 percent off all items except custom mapping between Nov 28 and December 2nd. Want to get those sawed off shotguns? Now is the best time of the year to get em!

PLA Marketplace